Lea received an ERC starting grant

We got funded by the ERC to investigate transcription dynamics in connection with the cellular stress response. Good luck wishes from the lab on the day of the interview worked!

ELCAP paper published

December 2022 our methods paper describing how to capture RNAPII sub-complexes is out in Cell Report Methods. For more detail check out the full paper here.

The lab has grown

In the summer/fall of 2022 we have welcomed several new lab members. Haiyue and Emma as postdocs in addition to Liyang and August as master students. Welcome to all!

Quentin is awarded an LF postdoc fellowship

May 2022 Quentin is awarded a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship from the Lundbeck foundation. Read more about it here.

Henriette joins the lab

January 2022 Henriette joins the lab as a PhD student. Welcome!

Quentin joins

The lab is slowly growing and in May 2021 Quentin joins as the first postdoc.

First experiments!

In April 2021 Smaragda joined as the very first PhD student and the lab is now up and running with the first experiments being done.

Gregersen lab is open

Status of the lab looked in March 2021. Lots and lots of boxes and unpacking still to be done!